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    Our Locations

    P&G operates throughout the United States to bring the brands that you love to life. Our work is carried out in General Offices, Plants, Business and Technical Centers, and Customer Business Centers all over the U.S.

    Job location is dependent on function and business need. Most commercial jobs are located at P&G World Headquarters in Cincinnati, OH. The size of the location marker indicates the relative number of positions available in each location throughout the year.

    Business and
    Technical Centers
    Customer Business
    Centers (CBC)

    P&G operates in plants, business and technical centers, and customer business (sales) centers all over the United States. Click on the tabs above to learn more about specific types of locations or explore all locations below!

    Employees from most functions work together at P&G World headquarters to market 300 brands to nearly five billion consumers worldwide.

    Employees across all business and technical functions work together on the innovation and execution of product initiatives.

    The Customer Business Centers (sales offices) are located around the United States to help our Customer Business Development (sales) employees form strategic relationships between P&G and our customers (i.e. Walmart, Target, Costco, Kroger, Dollar General, Walgreens, etc).

    The Plant locations around the United States are where P&G products come to life. P&G engineers and plant technicians work together to design and utilize the latest technology to allow our manufacturing plants to produce the highest quality products at optimum production rates.

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