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P&G Ph.D. FIRST Conference

Focusing on Industrial Recruitment of Scientific Talent (FIRST)

The FIRST program of its kind. P&G's recruiting conference, FIRST (formerly RTCI), is the premier conference for outstanding African American, Hispanic, Native American and other doctoral and postdoctoral scientists. FIRST is a 3-day, all expenses paid, program for top Ph.D. students who are looking to gain exposure to the future of technology from an industry leading company. Meet and learn from some of our nationally awarded scientists and engage in real-world discussions on what companies are looking for in new employees, cultural and workforce diversity, and future innovation.

FIRST in InnovationFIRST in Innovation

P&G invests nearly $2 billion in R&D annually and has over 8,700 R&D employees in 26 technical centers around the globe. P&G also currently owns over 35,000 active patents!

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Leave with the opportunity to be considered for an on-site interview!

FIRST ImpressionsFIRST Impressions

“As a graduate student and postdoc, this experience opened my eyes.
It showed me that P&G believes in applying good science to develop and enhance technologies and products that have a direct impact in improving lives everywhere.”

- Dr. Misael Aviles, P&G employee, 2010 conference participant

Want to be P&G?s FIRST choice for consideration?

Participant details:

P&G’s recruiting conference, FIRST, is held in Cincinnati, OH September 20th – 23rd, 2015.

Deadline to apply is June 20th, 2015.

The FIRST Conference is primarily intended for African American, Hispanic, and Native American doctoral and postdoctoral scientists from STEM disciplines who want to learn more about industrial research careers. We strongly encourage scientists in those affinity groups to apply. Other qualified candidates, including foreign nationals, also will be considered for participation. Applicants must have a doctoral degree or expect to receive one within 9-12 months of the conference date. For maximum individual benefit, a limited number of applicants will be chosen to participate.

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